Mohaiminul Sharif

Owner of Two Dogs, One cat & a bunch of fish. Loves being around animals and nature.

Who am I?

I’m Mohaiminul Sharif. I’m a creative writer who likes to write about Pets, Garden DIY, and Lifestyle.

Currently completing B.Sc. Honors under the National University of Bangladesh. I’m doing a major in Botany and a minor in Zoology.

What is my mission?

My mission is to help you care for your pet(s) by providing knowledge and helpful tips from my experience and learning. 

What to expect?

In this blog, I try to cover pet topics such as dogs, fish, cats, etc. You’ll learn how you can keep them healthy and safe. You will find 100% accurate information that is well-researched. All of my content is written from scratch.

Why should you follow my content?

What you see is what you get!!

I keep everything short and on point. You won’t have to waste your time going through the fluff.

Thank you !!