Are brindle dogs born brindle?

No. In most cases, brindle dogs are not born brindle. Usually, they are born with a light brown or brown color. As they start to age, different darker shades of color start to show on their coat.

The most common color patterns for brindle dogs are black splashes or spots on brown and brown spots and splashes on black.

If a dog had both parents with brindle patterns they start to show their brindle pattern at a very early age. However, if only one of their parents were a brindle it can take a few extra weeks or even months to show a brindle pattern. Also, there isn’t any guarantee that the newborn puppy will turn out to be a brindle dog.

brindle dog (chihuahua)
A small brindle chihuahua dog standing on two legs

How to know if your dog will be brindle?

There is no 100% valid way to know if your dog will become a brindle dog or not. But there are some indications at an early age that can help you determine if they would be brindles or not.

It will take at least a few weeks before you can notice any kind of sign that’ll indicate your dog will turn out to be brindle. Firstly you need to check for any kind of color mark on your puppy’s fur.

At first, there will be a few tiny spots on their skin of a darker or lighter color. If you are able to find some spots you need to wait a bit more to see if the spots start to form a pattern. If yes then there is a solid chance that your dog might turn into a brindle.

However, if the patterns turn into long stripes like a tiger’s color patterns then it’ll be considered a tiger-striped canine.

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