Can Chihuahuas Hunt Mice?

A common question among chihuahuas owners is; can their chihuahuas hunt mice? So, I started doing my research and found the answer. Yes!! Chihuahuas can hunt mice.

In fact, they can hunt a lot of small animals and insects. However, that doesn’t mean that you should always let them hunt rodents. You need to make sure that they don’t eat them.

In this article, I’ll go through the topics on whether chihuahuas can hunt mice? if they are good at it? do they enjoy catching mice? Should you be worried if your chihuahua catches mice? etc.

Are chihuahuas good at catching mice?

Yes. Chihuahuas are very good at catching mice. Thanks to their scenes of smell they can find mice easily. They are also fast which helps in running around their prey.

Like any other dog breed, chihuahuas prey instinct will vary from one individual to another. Their good instincts, mobility, and hunting genes make them effective hunters.

Small mice and rodents can’t outrun them. Because of their agility and small body mass chihuahuas are often good sprinters. Their good eyesight and claws make it easier for them to catch those tiny house invaders.

Can small chihuahuas hunt mice?

It depends on the size of your chihuahua and the mouse. Small chihuahuas are almost as much effective at hunting mice as big ones. But very small chihuahuas can’t hunt mice. If the size of your chihuahua is very small or the rodent is a large one, your canine might not be able to hunt that down.

chihuahua biting a rope

Is a chihuahua a hunting dog?

Yes. Chihuahua is a hunting dog. They are considered to be one of the best efficient hunting dogs for small animals and prey. But it’s not good at hunting strong or big prey due to its size.

They were originated from a type of small desert fox in Mexico. Naturally, they preserve some hunting qualities in their genes. Nowadays, Due to selective breeding, they have lost most of their hunting instincts.

Do chihuahuas like catching mice?

They love catching mice. Most of the time you’ll see them going after not only mice but also small animals. They are very curious and active. Chihuahuas will go after anything it sees around their territory.

A lot of the time they’ll catch mice just to play with them. Even if they are not willing to eat them they simply try to catch them as a fun activity. Sometimes, after they are finished playing they can start eating them as well.

Can chihuahuas eat mice?

After they hunt down a rodent they might start eating them. If you see them eating mice stop it immediately. Rodents tend to carry many diseases in their body. It can cause many health problems.

Eating rats can cause diseases such as Intestinal worms, Toxoplasmosis, gets. Not to mention secondary poisoning and digestive problems and vomiting.

In simple, You should never allow pests to eat mice or small insects. Who knows where those pesky creatures have been to.

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Although chihuahuas are good at hunting, they are only limited to small prey and insects. You can’t stop them from hunting small rodents, birds, or insects due to their nature. Just make sure that they don’t end up eating them.

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