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Can Corgis Be Born Without Tails?

Yes. Some Corgis can be born without tails but there has been some debate recently on Corgis without tails and how they were created.

The most popular belief is that they were born without tails, while some may believe that they were born with them. 

Unlike the tail docking of Corgis, there are no known health or ethical reasons why Corgis are born without a tail. They are most likely born without one due to a gene mutation controlling their tails. 

When this gene mutation occurred, the tail didn’t come out, but it also didn’t develop properly as it should have.

Some argue that Corgis are better without a tail because they are more agile and energetic without weight. Others say that the docking process is necessary to maintain a healthy breed.

Why don’t corgis have tails?

A small corgi standing without tail

Corgis don’t have tails because sometimes they are born without tails, or some Corgis’ owners dock their Corgis tails.

Corgi tails are actually a myth. It is true that Corgis have a tail, but this doesn’t mean that all of them were born with one. 

Sometimes a Corgi has a tail that is docked or cut short. This is a procedure that’s been done for centuries. 

There are no certain reasons why Corgis are docked, but there is a common idea that it is done to make them easier to handle. 

This is what may have caused the change from Corgis having tails to the tails becoming a myth. Actually, a Corgi’s tail had no advantage in cattle herding and was merely a liability for the dog.

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Do the Queen’s corgis have tails?

The answer is No; the Queen’s Corgis do not have tails. 

The Queen’s corgis have been known to be docked for many years to prevent the spread of rabies. Also, some of her corgis were spared from this practice, and she has been proud to have some of her corgis with tails intact too. 

However, there is debate on whether or not her older Corgis, who have been around for decades, have been docked or not. Since the animal welfare act 2006, tail docking has been illegal in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland unless it’s done by a certified vet for any unavoidable medical reasons.

In ancient Rome, docking dogs was a very common procedure. It is still performed today. Dog owners prefer docked tails, although they were initially done for medical and functionality purposes.

Can Corgis have long tails?

No, Usually Corgis can not have long tails. However, there are some exceptions. Corgis were bred to herd livestock and are known to be some of the most skilled and fierce cattle herders in the canine kingdom. 

No one knows exactly why a Corgi has a short tail, but it is a characteristic that is well known to have its benefits. 

With a short tail, Corgis are actually able to move more freely and more quickly than those with longer tails. 

It is also believed that short tails can help to keep them warm. However, over the years, there have been a few cases where Corgis have suffered tail injuries. 

Corgis with long tails are not considered to be safer than those with short tails when it comes to tail injuries.

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