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Can Corgis Have Blue Eyes?

Yes, both Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Pembroke Welsh Corgis can have blue eyes, but Cardigans have blue eyes more commonly than Pembrokes. Blue eyes are frequent in Cardigans with merle bloodlines, but they are considered a fault in Pembrokes.

Most cardigan corgis have dark brown eyes, however, blue eyes are also possible. Even though the merle gene is present in the majority of blue-eyed corgis, this is not always the case. A corgi with blue eyes can be born without possessing the merle gene.

A large percentage of Pembroke corgis have dark brown eyes, which are regarded as “excellent.” Pembroke corgis have blue eyes even if they have mixed breeding in prior generations or have the merle gene.

The AKC considers blue eyes in Pembroke corgis to be a flaw, hence they do not satisfy the breed standard standards like Cardigans. Blue eyes are not as frequent among Pembrokes as they are in Cardigans.

Photo by: Mary Dantzler

Why do corgis have blue eyes?

Blue eyes in corgis occur in approximately one out of sixteen newborn puppies whose parents carry the recessive genes.

It’s caused by two genes; the merle gene is inherited autosomally dominantly, whereas the blue eye gene is inherited polygenically.

This blue eye occurs when there are more than one pair of recessive genes present as homozygotes or pures, so it is not as frequent as one might expect.

You shouldn’t assume that your dog will always have blue eyes, even if they were born with them. In young corgis, the eyes are usually blue, but as they age, the eyes turn gray and then brown. 

The brown shade of corgis eyes can vary greatly. Physically, blue-eyed dogs are no different from their brown-eyed counterparts besides their eye color.

Can Pembroke Welsh corgis have blue eyes?

Yes, Pembroke welsh corgis can have blue eyes. However, Pembroke corgis tend to have dark brown eyes, which is the “ideal” color but sometimes it can be blue.

Blue eyes are still possible in Pembroke corgis due to previous generations of mixed breeding or the merle gene.

According to the AKC, Pembroke corgis with blue eyes are considered undesirable due to a fault that prevents them from meeting breed standards. Compared to Cardigans, Pembrokes have fewer blue eyes.

Blue eyes are more common in corgis with the merle gene. A person’s eye color is determined by pigment, which is produced by specific cells in people carrying the merle gene.  This may lead to changes in eye color, skin color, and coat color. Blue eyes occur when melanin is absent, and brown eyes occur when it is present.

Are blue eyes rare in corgis?

Yes. Blue eyes are rare in corgis. In fact, only 5% of dogs in this world have blue eyes. Also, it’s very hard to find parent corgis who have blue eyes.

You need to find matching parents with recessive genes in order to breed a blue eyed corgi but it doesn’t guarantee success. So, in a sense, it’s quite rare to find corgis with blue eyes.

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