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Can Corgis Hike?

Corgis are a popular breed of dog known for their small stature, adorable appearance, and lively personality. However, many wonders if corgis can hike, given their short legs and compact build. 

The short answer is yes, and corgis can hike! But remember a few things if you plan to take your furry friend on a hiking adventure.

To begin with, it’s vital to remember that corgis were initially bred to herd cattle. Outdoor activities such as hiking and camping suit their energetic and active nature. 

As corgis are tiny dogs, it’s also important to remember that they may find it difficult to keep up with larger breeds on demanding walks or inclines.

It’s crucial to start slowly and gradually increase your corgi’s stamina if you intend to take them on a trek. Start with shorter excursions on level or moderately sloping terrain, and as your dog grows more acclimated to the exercise, gradually increase the distance and difficulty.

Before and throughout the trip, you should also ensure that your corgi is well-fed and hydrated. You should also take breaks to let your dog relax and catch their breath.

How Far Can Corgis Hike?

Image thanks to Hiking With Corgi

Corgis are popular for their cute looks and playful personality, but did you know they can also be great hiking partners? Although they are not typically known for their endurance, corgis can hike short to moderate distances if they are well-prepared and cared for.

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When planning a hike with a corgi, it’s essential to consider their physical limitations. Short legs make hiking difficult for corgis, as they are small dogs. Corgis make excellent hiking companions because they are energetic and enthusiastic.

Depending on the trail’s difficulty, corgis shouldn’t hike more than 5-10 miles each day. Building your corgi’s endurance and strength will begin with shorter walks and gradually increase in difficulty and distance.

In addition, it’s important to consider the weather conditions and terrain of the hiking trail. Corgis are not well-suited for extreme temperatures, so it’s best to hike with them in mild weather conditions. 

Furthermore, corgis may find steep or rocky terrain challenging, so choosing trails that are mostly flat and easy to navigate is advisable.

What Benefits Does Hiking Have For Corgis?

A wonderful way to spend time with your cherished pet and take in the beautiful outdoors is to go hiking with your Corgi. Hiking has several benefits for Corgis, both physically and intellectually, in addition to being a wonderful way to strengthen relationships.

1. Improved Health

As corgis are by nature lively & athletic, bringing them on walks is a terrific way to keep them in shape. With so many opportunities for aerobic activity while hiking, their muscles, bones, and joints are all strengthened.

2. Stimulating Environment

Hiking enables your Corgi to discover & take in a range of fresh sights, sounds, and smells. This can prevent boredom & separation anxiety by keeping their thoughts occupied and engaged.

3. Socialization

Taking your corgi on walks may help them develop critical social skills, regardless of whether you’re hiking with other people or other dogs. Puppies should pay special attention to this since it will help them grow up to be confident, well-mannered canines.

4. Stress Relief

You and your Corgi can both benefit from hiking as a stress-relieving activity. Being outdoors & breathing clean air might help you and your dog feel less anxious and worried.

5. Bonding

The best method to strengthen your relationship with your Corgi is to spend time outside & explore nature together. Also, this can aid in enhancing & deepening the bond you share with your dog.

6. Training

You may practice your Corgi’s obedience training while hiking. Working on fundamental instructions like sit, stay, come, and heel while enjoying the outdoors.

7. Mental Stimulation

Hiking might assist to keep your Corgi intellectually active. Their brains may be kept occupied and engaged by the novel sights, sounds, and scents, which can help prevent boredom & keep them out of trouble.

Disadvantages Of Hiking With Your Corgi?

A corgi walking down a trail. Image thanks to Hiking with Corgi group

Loveable & obedient dogs like corgis may be excellent hiking partners. But, there are several disadvantages to taking a corgi on outdoor excursions. The following seem to be some disadvantages of taking a corgi on a hike:

1. Limited Mobility & Stamina

Although Corgis are little dogs with short legs and heavy bodies, their mobility, endurance, and speed while traveling long distances may be constrained.

2. Height Restrictions

Because of their tiny legs, corgis may struggle to climb over giant boulders and logs and ascend steep inclines.

3. Temperature Sensitivity

Corgis are particularly sensitive to temperature fluctuations since they have only one fur coat. They could easily get tired or uncomfortable if it’s too hot or chilly outside.

4. Sensitivity to Terrain

Because of their tiny legs & delicate paws, corgis often have difficulty walking on rocky and uneven hiking conditions.

5. Risk of Injury

Due to their energy, corgis can overdo it while trekking, leading to sprains, strains, or even more severe injuries.

6. Risk of Wild Animals

Corgis may be more vulnerable to wild animal predation because of their tiny size.

7. Potentially Distracting

As corgis are known for their outgoing personalities, it could be challenging for them to focus & follow the route while conversing with other hikers.


You can take your furry friend on small hikes to bond but make sure they are well prepared in advance. It can be a great adventure for you both and the bonding between you and your corgi will be much stronger.

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