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Can Corgis Run? Do Corgis Enjoy Running? Speed, Distance [Must Read]

As a dog lover, I have always wondered; can corgis run? The answer is Yes! Corgis can run. After doing my research and talking to corgi owners I found that corgis can run very fast but they need to take a rest after a short distance.

According to corgi owners, they can develop their endurance with regular practice. In this article, we’ll go through how long can corgis run? how fast they can run? and most importantly do they enjoy running?

How far can Corgis run?


The distance a corgi can run depends on a lot of factors such as age, size & endurance. On average, a corgi can run up to 3.5km (2.2 Miles) with small breaks in between the run.

With practice, corgis can develop their endurance and can run long distances. In some cases with proper practice, they can run up to 16km (10 Miles).

However, you should start with a small distance at first. As they get some practice you and your dog can step up the distance by small margins until you or your dog shows signs of fatigue after each run.

Do Corgis Enjoy Running?

corgi runs on water

Absolutely. Corgis love to run. They are very agile and energetic breeds of dogs. In fact, a corgi gets really excited when he hears that they’ll be going for a run over going to a walk or a jog.

A short burst of running gets them really excited. Anything that involves running (ie: jog, hike, sprint, etc.) is a good way for them to get their exercise done and be in a fresh mood.

You can also make this activity a part of your corgi’s exercise. this will ensure they don’t get bored and burn extra calories from their diet.

How fast can corgis run?

Due to their body structure, Corgis are very fast runners. A healthy corgi can run up to 25 miles per hour. But it can only maintain this speed for a short distance.

After a short bust, corgis need to take a few moments to regain their energy. A corgi is a sprinter and can’t run for long period without taking breaks.

Sometimes smaller corgis can run up to 23 miles per hour. If their feet are drastically small then their running speed will also be less than average corgis.

Are Running good for a corgi?

Yes. running is a very healthy and natural way to keep your corgi healthy. Just make sure that you don’t push them too hard. As long as you limit them to short bursts and quick sessions, they can be a good habit for your dog.

Running can eliminate health issues such as obesity, joint issues, and depression. it will also make the bonding process with your dog easier.

Are corgis a good running partner?

Despite having a tiny body structure, corgis can be a good running partner. But if you are planning to run a huge distance then it is not a viable option.

If you keep your running sessions small and take regular breaks in between the run, your corgi can be a great running partner.

Just keep in mind that they won’t be able to go far like Siberian Huskies or German Shepherds. Also, if the roads are full of obstacles and have rough terrain corgis might not be able to overcome them due to their short legs.


If you are looking for an energetic and agile companion who you can take on for small running sessions, A corgi is a great choice. It can also be a good playmate.

They love to go for walks and jogs. It’s a healthy routine to keep both the owner and the dog in great shape.

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