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Can Corgis Travel By Car? [According To Owners]

Corgis love to travel by car. A lot of the time I get asked the question, can corgis travel by car? The answer is: Yes. Corgis can travel by car. They love to go around places and usually don’t mind being in a car.

In this article, I’ll go through some of the common questions corgi owners ask when they want to travel with their dog in a car. Also, you’ll get to learn how you can prepare your car and corgi for a journey.

Can corgis travel long distances by car?

Yes. Corgis can travel long distances by car. But make sure to take short breaks throughout the journey. After all, corgis love to run freely whenever they can.

If you have the right setup and toys with your corgi they won’t cause too much trouble. Make sure you prepare your car and your dog before you set out on a long-distance journey.

In some rare cases, your dog might not want to get in the car at first. But if you train them properly the fears will go away.

Are corgis good for traveling?

Due to their small size and friendly nature, corgis are great for traveling. Whether you are going on a short trip or a long journey your corgi will have no issues traveling with you.

They are also allowed in most places like hotels and stores because of their small body size. They travel quietly and don’t have many demands.

Corgi looking out of the car window on a trip

How do you transport corgi by car?

The most common way to transport corgi is to carry them in a carte. Follow these steps when you want to transport corgis:

  1. Get a crate that your corgi can fit into and move comfortably.
  2. Secure the crate on the backseat of your car. Make sure the crate won’t fall off the seat.
  3. Put a plastic sheet or bag underneath the crate. This will keep your seats clean when the dog’s pee.
  4. Add some soft cloth or a blanket at the bottom of the crate.


If you follow these simple steps your corgis will be safe and comfortable throughout the entire journey.

If your corgi likes to be nosey and look out the window, an alternative is to use a baby seat with a booster seat. As long as your corgi has no issues with staying behind a seatbelt, you can put a seatbelt around them to secure them at the seats. The booster seats help them have a look out of the windows if they want to.

How to prepare corgis for car travel?

If your corgi hasn’t traveled before in a car You need to make him/her comfortable in the car. These steps will help:

At first, get inside the car while carrying your corgi and sit in the backseat with them. This will help them become familiar with the environment.

After a few whiles check if your corgi gets in your car on its own. If not then train until he/she gets inside on their own.

Throw in a few toys at the crate. Check if they are comfortable or not. If they don’t show any sign of fear or hesitation you should be fine to travel with your corgi.

If your corgi has already had experience traveling in cars then adding a few toys will keep him/her occupied with no issues. Make sure you check back on a regular interval.

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Few Quick tips when traveling with a corgi:

  • Give your corgi treats for good behavior.
  • Make quick routine stops
  • Pack a few extra toys for your dog.
  • Make sure your dog is hydrated throughout the journey.


If you are looking to travel, your corgi should not have any issues if you take the necessary measure. Check all the gears and supplies before you head out to the road. Have a safe journey!!


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