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Can Geckos Eat Cat Food?

A lot of gecko owners ask whether geckos can eat cat food or not? The answer is Yes. Geckos can eat cat food. But that doesn’t mean it is a good option for your reptile pet.

Cat foods are not a suitable diet for your gecko. They might create health conditions if you give them on a regular basis. Geckos are reptile animals and they should be given what they’ll find naturally out in the wild.

In this article, I’ll go through if geckos can eat cat food? can they be given as treats? what are the side effects of giving cat food to geckos? etc.

Can Geckos eat cat food?

As I mentioned earlier, many species of geckos such as Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos, Tokay Geckos can eat cat food. But if they will eat them or not that’s whole another question.

Mostly geckos won’t eat cat food unless necessary. They like to eat live prey. Occasionally they might eat them if the cat food you gave has good flavors. But don’t give them cat food unless you have no other options.

Can I give cat food as treat to geckos?

No. You should not give cat food as treats to your gecko. They contain many elements that are just not good for your reptile friend’s health. Instead, give them something they’ll enjoy like Dubia roaches or flies. 

A treat should be something you give your gecko occasionally. Give them live incests of small prey that they can’t easily find. They’ll be much happier than getting plain and boring cat food.

a gecko with an insect

Why you should not give cat food to geckos?

Cat foods are not appropriate for a balanced diet for a gecko. Besides, cat foods contain a mix of artificial protein, gelatine, grains, etc. which is not good for their digestive system.

As reptiles animals are natural hunters, they should be given live prey that they will find and eat if they were not in your house.

Some geckos won’t even touch cat food if you give it to them. Cat foods are not appropriate for a balanced diet for a gecko. They can even cause many side effects that can be fatal to your gecko.

What are the side effects of giving cat food to geckos?

Giving cat food to your geckos on a regular basis can cause some problems. Here are some of the side effects your geck might get if you give them cat food:

  • Digestive problems: A lot of the materials such as gelatins and artificial vegetables can’t be digested on geckos intestines and can create issues with digestion
  • Fat Gains: Cat food contains a lot of saturated fat and other fibers that can cause fat gains.
  • Nutrient Deficiency: Gecko’s nutrient needs are a lot different than a cat’s requirements. cat food lack the required vitamins and minerals that a gecko needs which can cause nutrient deficiency.


You should always try to give your gecko live insects and small prey that they love and enjoy. There’s no point in forcing them to eat something they don’t like. However, If they like to eat cat food you can give them a small portion now and then. But replacing their main diet with cat food is never an option. If you can’t give them their proper diets ( ie: small insects, flies, bugs ) maybe you should consider getting another pet such as a corgi or a cat.

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