Can Leopard Geckos Swim?

No, leopard geckos can’t swim. Leopard geckos are desert animals. In their natural habitat, there isn’t much water in the desert to begin with. So, they don’t have the skill of swimming. Besides their body isn’t designed to swing in the first place. This goes true for all geckos and is not only limited to leopard geckos.

At most leopard geckos can float on water and unless in extreme needs they won’t go into the water. That being said they will sometimes sink their feet into the water to regulate their temperature.

Sometimes you’ll see geckos crossing water by just running over the water. It’s very common in house geckos. Don’t get confused because they are not swimming in the water. They are running over water and because of their low body weight they don’t sink as long as they maintain a certain speed.

Close-Up Shot of a Person Holding a Leopard Gecko
Photo by Christopher Conde from Pexels

Can I teach leopard geckos to swim?

Technically you can teach them to swim if you start from an early age. But, It isn’t recommended at all. They can get extremely tired if you leave them in the water to swim for an extended time.

Plus they are reptiles. So, if the water temperature is cold and they swim in it their body temperature will get down and even cause them to die. Not to mention other issues such as water going through their nostrils, drowning, etc.

In my opinion, It’s best to leave your pet to decide whether they want to do something or not. If you force them to do something that they are not willing to do it will most likely end up in a disaster.

You can add a water plate to your leopard gecko’s habitat and see if they go in for a swim on their own. if they are comfortable with the water then you can try to teach them to swim but always keep an eye out for possible dangers.

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