Deer Head Brindle Chihuahua – Everything You Need To Know

Deer head brindle chihuahua is a special kind of deer head chihuahua that has a brindle coat of fur. It’s one of the smallest breeds of dog you can own. They are similar to other Deer head chihuahuas in size. Undoubtedly these chihuahuas are some of the most fascinating toy dogs.

However, they are not easily found like other chihuahuas. In this article, I’ll explain their origin, characteristics, and diet, as well as how to take care of them. So, let’s dive in.

What is a deer head brindle chihuahua?

A deer head brindle chihuahua is basically a deer head chihuahua that happens to have a brindle coat.

The brindle coat is caused by a gene process known as the brindle gene. This process is very complex and usually creates mosaicism.

Typically both the parents are brindle. However, if only one of the parents contains this gene there’s a slight chance of the newborn chihuahua turning out as brindle. It can also take some time to fully express their brindle form.

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A Deer Head Brindle Chihuahua lying on bed

Origin of deer head brindle chihuahua

The ancestors of deer head brindle chihuahuas date back to the 9th century AD. They were originally mute dogs and were kept as alert dogs. However, their small appearance was not an issue in completing their duties. They were much stronger and more aggressive than they appeared.

As time passed on their breeds faced many challenges. Mainly the fall of the Aztec Empire was a huge challenge for this breed and was only found in remote Mexican villages. From the remote Mexican villages, they were then sent everywhere in the world.

Still, they were only available as deer head chihuahuas without the brindle coats. The brindle patterns were believed to have been introduced to deer head chihuahua breeds from Central Africa.

Now in recent years, they are born from breeding deer head brindle chihuahuas only.

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Characteristic of deer head brindle chihuahua

Deer head brindle chihuahuas are very friendly and easy to train. They are also playful and relatively low maintenance. The most noticeable feature is their brindle-coated furs.

They have a small build so they can’t do any hardcore training. You also need to keep an eye on them, especially with children.

They can weigh up to 12 pounds and can be as small as 6 inches in height. They can be found mostly in Central America and North America.

They also get very anxious when they are separated or gets left alone. They have low exercise needs and prefer to be in warm regions. They are one of the smallest toy breeds with brindle-coated fur.

What’s the difference between ordinary deer head chihuahua and deer head brindle chihuahua?

The only difference you can spot between an ordinary deer head chihuahua & a deer head brindle chihuahua is the color pattern on their fur.

Other than that there’s visibly no difference between them. Sometimes the brindle coat can appear as thicker but it’s mainly due to the color pattern, not the fur density.

What’s the difference between deer head brindle chihuahua and apple head brindle chihuahua?

For starters deer head brindle chihuahuas are larger than apple head brindle chihuahuas. Deer head brindle chihuahuas have longer jaws and often don’t have molars in their head but apple head brindle chihuahuas have short jaws and usually have molars in their head.

The best way to distinguish between a deer head brindle chihuahua and an apple head brindle chihuahua is by looking at their head shape. If it’s shaped like an apple or a dome it’s an apple head brindle chihuahua if it’s shaped like a deer then it’s a deer head brindle chihuahua.

How to take care of a deer head brindle chihuahua?

Pets are always a good idea. But sometimes, a deer head chihuahua can be a little bit harder to take care of. These are not ordinary dogs and are not so hard to maintain. This will help you raise and care for this unique type of dog.

Here’s what you need to do to properly take care of them:

1. Ensure a Proper diet for your deer head brindle chihuahua

Diet is one of the most important factors to consider when taking care of your dog. Make sure they are getting proper nutrition according to their size age and activity level.

Having a well-balanced diet will give them the required energy to have a playful and fun time with you. This can also chances of other diseases and keep them agile for a long time.

2. Take your deer head brindle chihuahua to the vet for a checkup every year

Taking your chihuahua to the vet for a checkup every year is essential. Even if your dog is healthy, your veterinarian should be able to detect any potential problems. 

They will also be able to tell you if your dog has any age-related health problems. Just like humans, chihuahuas can develop a range of diseases, depending on the breed and their genetics. Some common problems for chihuahuas include diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease. 

Your vet will be able to detect these diseases and help you take the appropriate steps to keep your pet healthy. Keeping your chihuahua healthy with regular check-ups is key to a long and happy life.

3. Brush your chihuahua’s teeth daily

Chihuahuas generally have short molar teeth, which means they need to be brushed daily. This is because the teeth in their mouths grow at different rates. 

Some of the teeth will be long after the others. It’s a good idea to brush your chihuahua’s teeth daily, even if it doesn’t seem like it needs it. 

Their teeth need to be brushed more often because they have less saliva to help them clean their teeth, and the toothbrush also needs to be cleaned more often. 

The teeth are also more vulnerable to bacteria and plaque. Make sure you use a toothbrush designed for dogs and that the bristles are soft and not too hard.

4. Cut your chihuahua’s nails regularly

Chihuahuas are not known for their calm, docile nature. They are small and quick, but their claws are very sharp. This can be a problem if you don’t keep them trimmed. 

Allowing your dog’s nails to lie too long can cause pain, discomfort, and damage to your furniture. To cut your chihuahua’s nails, you need to start at the tip of the nail and work your way toward the paw pad. 

You also want to make sure to cut your dog’s nails in a straight line from the tip to the base. If you are looking for a tool that can help you cut your dog’s nails, you could try using a pet nail clipper.

5. Give your chihuahua a bath regularly

Giving your chihuahua a bath is not a difficult task at all. In fact, it’s one of the most important things you can do for your chihuahua. 

When they spend time outside and get dirty, they need to be cleaned. For the best experience, give them a bath in the sink or bathtub. You may have to clean up the water if you have a big dog. 

This can be accomplished by using a towel. You can also use dog grooming shampoo. If you don’t want to use shampoo, you can use a wet washcloth to clean your dog. 

Just make sure the washcloth is not too wet. In order to keep your chihuahua’s coat shiny and healthy, you need to give them a bath regularly. This is one of the most important ways to take care of your chihuahua.

6. Get your deer head brindle chihuahua some dental chews

If your dog is a frequent chewer, then you know how tempting it is to give your dog rawhide chews. It’s the perfect solution for a dog that is always chewing on anything near them. 

However, it’s important to remember that rawhide chews can lead to gum disease, tooth fractures, and other oral health problems. The best dental chew to give your dog is a dental chew made with beef, bison, or venison. 

These beef, bison, or venison dental chews are made with natural ingredients and lack the preservatives and artificial colors that are typically found in store-bought dental chews. They are also free of corn starch and other fillers, which is great for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

7. Give your chihuahua heartworm medication

Many deer head brindle chihuahuas are affected by heartworm, and your chihuahua should be one of them. Heartworm is a parasite that can cause serious damage to your dog’s health and lifespan. 

If your chihuahua has not yet been diagnosed, it’s important to start them on heartworm medication as soon as possible. You should also keep your dog up-to-date on the medications that it needs so that the parasite does not cause any more damage. 

If you do not know what medication your dog needs, it’s best to visit a veterinarian for a consultation. It is important that the medication is given to the dog in a timely manner. 

Make sure that you give your chihuahua the necessary heartworm medication and keep it up-to-date on the other medications.

8. Give your chihuahua time to exercise

Whether you have a larger yard or not, your chihuahua needs to exercise. Just like people, chihuahuas need to exercise to keep their muscles in good shape. 

Chihuahuas need to walk, run and play. They need to stretch and explore new things. If you watch your dog, you’ll notice that they will often be out and about, exploring in their own way. 

So, if you are having a hard time getting your dog to exercise, you can give them the opportunity to exercise while you’re not watching them. Instead, leave your dog outside in a safe environment, and they’ll exercise on their own.

Are deer head brindle chihuahua rare?

No. Deer head brindle chihuahuas are not rare. Yes, they can be uncommon to find but they are not rare. Plus they are not recognized by AKC so you might have trouble finding sellers for them.

How much do deer head brindle chihuahuas cost?

It depends on a lot of factor such as the size or how you get it. But typically you can get one for around $450 to $1200.

However, if you decide to adopt one it can be somewhere around $100 to $350.

The cost can also vary depending on where you live. If you live on the west side of the USA then they’ll be a bit more expensive compared to the East side of the USA.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions about deer head brindle chihuahua feel free to let me know. I’ll get back to you ASAP Thanks 🙂

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