Should I Give My Leopard Gecko A Bath?

No. Leopard geckos don’t necessarily need to take a bath. In fact, they might not even like to take a bath at all.

Naturally, leopard geckos live in desert areas and don’t have access to water sources. Due to the rocky terrain and limited water sources leopard geckos have adapted to not taking baths.

However, if leopard geckos feel a rise in body temperature & cool down they can occasionally take a bath now and then. But that doesn’t mean you should force them to take a bath if they don’t want to.

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How to give a bath to leopard geckos?

You need to add a clean water source that isn’t too deep near the habitat of your gecko. Make sure the gecko can stand up and keep its nose out of the water. The water needs to be clean and chemical free. The water temperature should be around 25-32 degrees celsius or 77-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once all the above criteria are checked, You can gently place the gecko near the water and if it wants it’ll go in there on its own.

If you want to encourage it in taking a bath you can pick it up and put it in the water. It’ll stay in there if it wants to take a bath.

When the leopard gecko stays in the water you can slowly pour some water over it. You need to make sure you don’t pour water around its ears and nose.

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How Long Should A Leopard Gecko Take A bath?

It depends on their personal preference. Some might want to stay a bit longer than others and some might not even want to take a bath. Either way, you need to make sure they don’t stay in there too long.

Anything around 1-3 minutes should be enough for them. If they stay longer their body temperature might drop which can lead to other issues as they can’t generate heat and rely on the environment to increase their body temperature.

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