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Will a Betta Fish Kill a Goldfish?

Fish lovers often avoid keeping betta fish and goldfish together due to the perception that betta fish are aggressive towards goldfish. This article explores the truth behind this belief and offers guidance on whether these two species can coexist in a shared tank.

Question: Will a Betta Fish Kill a Goldfish?

Answer: Betta fish may kill Goldfish as they are aggressive towards them. Betta fish are bred to attack other fish and should be kept alone.

Goldfish are peaceful and slow-moving, making them vulnerable to Betta fish attacks. Betta fish may nip at Goldfish fins and cause serious injury or death. 

Betta fish require warmer water than Goldfish and should not be kept together. Goldfish thrive in colder water temperatures than Betta fish. 

To ensure the health and well-being of both species, keep them in separate tanks with suitable conditions.

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Compatibility Of Betta Fish And Goldfish

To keep betta fish and goldfish in the same tank, first learn about their needs. Bettas may be aggressive to other fish, while goldfish are friendly. 

But it’s possible to keep them together in a 20-gallon tank with hiding spots and open swimming areas. Keep the water stable with pH between 7.0-8.0 & temperature between 68°F-74°F.

Aggression in Betta Fish

Betta fish can be aggressive to other fish like goldfish due to their territorial nature. A small tank, lack of hiding spots, and unsuitable tank mates can trigger their aggression. To lessen it, ensure a roomy tank with enough hiding places and introduce new mates slowly.

Goldfish Behavior

Goldfish prefer living in a group, and are friendly and calm. They may become sick if stressed, so it’s vital to keep their tank clean and provide enough space and hiding places to prevent anxiety.

Can I Keep Betta And Goldfish Together In A Big Tank? 

It’s not recommended to keep bettas and goldfish together in a tank. Bettas need warm water and are aggressive, while goldfish prefer cold water and are peaceful. Goldfish may take all the food and stress betta. Monitor them and separate them if necessary.

Can I Introduce Young Betta And Goldfish? 

Introducing young bettas and goldfish isn’t the best for their well-being. Bettas are territorial and may attack goldfish. Even if they get along, they may change as they mature. It’s best to keep them in separate tanks.

What To Do If Betta And Goldfish Are Not Getting Along? 

Separate them to reduce stress and prevent health problems. Rearrange decorations or add hiding places to create separate territories. But it’s still best to keep them in separate tanks.

What Other Fish Can Goldfish Live With?

Goldfish are peaceful and can live with various fish species. But, remember they need specific temperatures, pH, and water quality. Tank Mates for goldfish include other goldfish of the same type, minnows, danios, catfish, barbs, and guppies (with fancy goldfish). Plecos need large tanks as they grow big.


Keeping betta fish and goldfish together in one tank is possible with careful consideration. The key to success is providing hiding places and a large tank for comfort. 

Goldfish are sociable creatures, while betta fish can become aggressive toward other fish. Decide based on the needs of each species and the willingness to maintain a stable tank environment.

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