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Do corgis need sanitary trim?

Yes. Corgis need to have a sanitary trim now and then. Especially, if your corgi has long hair around its butt area. But shaving around the butt is a complete no-no!!!

Having their long hair trimmed around their anal area will give you the most desired corgi butt looks while maintaining good hygiene. If you don’t your corgi might face some issues such as blocked pooping areas or even worse some anal infection around the unhygienic areas.

In this article, I’ll discuss why your corgi needs sanitary trim and how often you should give one to your fluffy companion.

Sanitary trim at the groomers  showing a corgi butt
A corgi after getting a sanitary trim at a grooming salon shows its butt.

Why do corgis need sanitary trim?

There are a lot of reasons for giving a sanitary trim to your corgi around its anal area. Especially if you have a long-haired corgi it’s kind of a mandatory thing to do.

Below are the top reasons why corgis need sanitary trim:

  • Sanitary trim will help your corgi live a healthy and hygienic lifestyle.
  • Prevent poop blockage
  • Make their butt look amazing

Help your corgi live a healthy and hygienic lifestyle

Your corgi’s butt fur needs to be groomed regularly. Regular grooming will help ensure your pet stays happy and healthy. It also helps avoid the unpleasant odors that may occur if they’re not sanitized.

Trimming the long strands of fur will keep the area clean and make sure no bacteria and germs get built from the poop that might get stuck on them.

It can also be helpful for your home too. A sanitary trim makes sure when your dog sits on furniture or bed it doesn’t get contaminated with germs and bacteria developed in the hair around the back area.

Prevents poop from being blocked

Having a regular sanitary trim will ensure that poop doesn’t get stuck on the fur. If it’s ignored for a long time it can cause the furs to suck with each other. After their poop gets dried they can block the anal area of your beloved corgi which will prevent your dog from pooping.

It can be a very bad situation for your dog and cause many other problems such as abdominal pain, colon issues prevention of bowel movement, etc.

Make their butt more beautiful

Corgi butt after a sanitary trim laying on the floor
A beautiful corgi is laying on the ground with its amazing butt after getting a sanitary trim

One of the most interesting features of corgis is their beautiful and fluffy butt. They look like a chicken when looked at from behind as they lay down. Having the hairs around their butt area trimmed will help in enhancing the desired corgi butt look.

Many owners suggest that they’re the cutest and the most precious look for them. A proper sanitary trim from an experienced groomer can help with achieving that desired corgi butt look.

How often do corgis need a sanitary trim?

You don’t need to go to the groomer for a sanitary trim as often as you might go for a grooming session. Typically 3 to 4 months is enough for a sanitary trim for corgis. If your corgi’s fur grows quickie you might have to go a bit more often.

You can always eyeball the lengths of your dog’s fur. If the furs are not long or you don’t see any pop stuck to them after they go for taking a dump you don’t have to take them for a sanitary trim.

However, if you notice some poop gets stuck often after your furball has finished doing its business it’s advised to go for a sanitary trim even if it’s been only a few months.

I hope this clears everything regarding sanitary trims for corgis. If you have any questions feel free to leave them below.

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