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Long Haired Corgis – Everything You Need To Know – FAQ, etc

Long-haired corgis are a type of dog that is different from the normal corgi. They are recognized by their long fur.

In this article, I’ll discuss everything related to long-haired corgis. I’ll also answer some FAQs and facts regarding long-haired corgis.

What is a long-haired corgi?

A long-haired corgi is a kind of adorable and domestic dog that has a great deal of hair-like coat. The long haired corgi is a mix of two breeds, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. They are not recognized as a separate breed by AKC or any other registry.

Well, there is a reason why this type of dog has long hair. It is nothing but a gene called the “fluff gene”. It ensures the loving features of these so-called long-haired dogs. Moreover, this gene also helps to have a wonderful and chubby shape to love.

Depending on the work of the fluff gene, there are two types of long-haired corgis. From them, one is the long-haired Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the other is the long-haired Pembroke Welsh Corgi. To clarify, this kind of dog is so adorable and loving that most of us consider it as “Fluffy Dog”.

Do long-haired corgis shed?

Yes. Long-haired corgis tend to shed more than other breeds of dogs. Even short-haired corgis shed less than the long-haired corgis.

In a recent study, it was found that long-haired corgis shed more hair than short hair corgis. The researchers from the University of Sydney analyzed hair samples from three different breeds of dogs including a Corgi, a Beagle, and a German Shepherd. They found that the Corgi had the most hair shed per day with an average of 76 hairs lost per day.

brushing a long haired corgi

Why do corgis have long hair?

Due to a genetic mutation, some corgis can have long hair. It is not typical for corgis to have long hair. The main reason behind long-haired corgis is the presence of “fluff gene” or “long haired gene”. Some corgis may inherit a genetic mutation from the “FGF5 gene” that causes them to have long hair instead of short hair.

Corgis are a breed of small dogs and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. Typically, corgis have short hair with two long locks on the back.

The long coat of hair protects them from the cold and harms from the outside world. It also works as a layer of protection from rain and snowfall.

Are long-haired corgis double coated?

Just like other corgis, long-haired corgis are also double coated. The outer layer of their hair keeps on growing much longer than normal corgi breeds. The inner layer of the coat stays small in size.

The outer long hair gives them the rare look. But they are also the reason for their excessive shedding throughout the year.

Are fluffy corgis and long hair corgis the same? (Fluffy vs long-haired Corgis)

Yes. Long-haired corgis and fluffy corgis are the same things. The word “fluffy” sounds more adorable than “long-haired” corgis. So, people tend to call them fluffy corgis instead of long-haired corgis.

But essentially they are the exact same thing. the only difference is in the pronunciation and popularity of the name. “Fluffy corgis” or “fluffies” are more popular than the name “long-haired corgi” throughout the world.

Are long-haired corgis rare?

Yes. Long-haired corgis are one of the rarest breeds among corgis. They do not breed often and it results in a shortage in the new production of this breed. Also, the FGFF5 gene is seldom seen in corgi breeds nowadays which makes it even harder to find them.

Not all breeders can successfully breed the long hair corgis and it makes them rare. But they are not as rare as the Swedish Vallhund. Although they also carry the same gene that causes fluffy corgis to have long hair.

How much do long-haired corgis cost?

The cost of owning a long-haired corgi can a bit high. The first thing to consider is the price tag for a long-haired corgi puppy. The average cost for a long-haired corgi puppy is around $2000-$3000 dollars. This price can vary depending on where you purchase your dog from and other factors such as the breeder’s reputation.

long haired corgi cost

The next thing to consider is how much money you will spend on food and grooming supplies for your new pet. A long-haired corgi requires more grooming than other breeds because of their long hair.

You will have to take them to the groomer every two months or so which can cost up to $200 each time depending on where you go and how often they need it done.

Grooming supplies such as brushes, shampoos, and other hair products can quickly add up. Also, the required supplements and food costs are going to be much more premium than owning a more common corgi breed or any other low-maintenance dog.

Is it hard to take care of a long-haired corgi?

Yes. can be hard to take care of long-haired corgis. Corgis are always adorable, but long-haired corgis are even more so. They’re also a lot of work! It’s important to know what you’re getting into before you adopt one of these fluffy pups.

The coat is the most difficult thing to care for when it comes to long-haired corgis. It needs to be brushed regularly with a good dog brush, not just scratched with your hand.

A rubber curry brush is best for removing loose hair and mats from the coat, but if that isn’t available then use a slicker brush or comb.

You should also wash their ears and face on a regular basis because they tend to get dirty quickly due to their long hair.

long haired corgi bathing in bathtub

But they are definitely worth the effort. If you are not prepared to go the extra mile then you can get some other corgi breeds like the welsh corgi. Those welsh corgis are relatively easy to take care of.

You can learn more here: Are corgis hard to take care of?


Long-haired corgis are not as common as their short-haired counterparts because their fur is difficult to maintain. If you are willing to do the due diligence these fluffy dogs can be your best companion.


What is a long-haired Corgi called?

A long-haired corgi is often called a “fluffy corgi” or “fluffies”.

Do Fluffy Corgis shed less?

No. fluffy corgis shed a lot.

Should you cut a corgis hair?

Yes. Corgis hair needs to be cut regularly.

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