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Should I Add Salt To My Guppy Tank?

A common question that I get asked as a guppy owner is that, should I add salt to my guppy tank? The answer is: Yes. You should add 1gm aquarium salt per liter of water in your guppy tank.

There are many people who believe that guppies don’t need salt in the tank. But adding aquarium salt that is rich in minerals is really helpful for your guppies.

This topic also gives rise to many other questions such as, How much salt should I add to my guppy tank? How often should I add salt to my guppy tank? etc.

In this article, we will cover all of the topics related to adding salt to the guppy tank. We will also provide some tips to keep your guppies in the best condition by adding salt.

How much salt should I add to my guppy tank?

salt in guppy water

Whether you add more salt or less depends on many factors such as water salinity (levels of salt in water), minerals level, condition of your fish, etc.

In general, you should add 1gm of aquarium salt per liter or 3.8gm per gallon of water in your guppy tank. For example, if your tank has 16 liters of water add 1gm*16 = 16gm of salt

Guppies are highly adaptable fish. So, the measurement doesn’t have to be pinpointed. But if your guppies are sick you should add around 1.5gm salt per litter or 6.8gm per gallon of water.

For example, if your sick guppy tank has 3 gallons of water you need 6.8gm*3 = 20.4gm of salt. This will help in the recovering process.

How often should I add salt to my guppy tank?

It depends on the condition you guppies were raised in. In most cases, adding salt once a week gets the best results. If your guppies are from somewhere that has low salinity water, then adding salt twice a month should be fine.

Whichever interval you choose to add aquarium salt, make sure you stick to that routine. The last thing you want is drastic fluctuation in water salinity levels.

How to add salt to a guppy tank?

Adding salt to a guppy tank is very quick and simple. To add salt to your guppy tank you can follow these steps:

  • Take the salt out of the packet or container and measure out the exact amount you need for the tank.
  • If you have a small tank, then take a small amount of salt by pinching with three fingers.
  • If you have a large tank then you can add it with a spoon.
  • Start adding slowly from one side of the tank.
  • Spread the salt evenly throughout the tank

Tips for adding salt to guppy tank

  • Don’t use too much salt.
  • Check for salt that has rich minerals.
  • Sick guppy and normal guppy tanks should have different salinity.


Adding salt to your guppy tank can cure your sick guppies and increase immunity. Salt will also provide them with rich minerals as well. Make sure you add salt to your guppy tank by following the proper steps and measurements.

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