5 Common Problems With Hyper Pet Dog Ball Launcher

Hyper Pet Dog Ball Launchers are arguably one of the best if not the best ball launchers for dogs. They are a great source of fun and exercise for your dog.

They are also easy to operate and can be used to pick up balls without touching the ball directly. It is made out of pet-friendly materials.

Overall a good product for you to enjoy playtime with your dog. However, there are also some problems that most people encounter when using this ball launcher by hyper pets.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common problems with them.

5 common Problems you might face with Hyper Pet Dog Ball Launcer

despite being a good choice among users of ball launchers, It has some issues here and there. Although there could be many issues depending on the user’s use-case or only available in their piece, here are 5 of the most common problems that the majority of users of the Hyper Pet dog ball launchers have found while using it.

  1. The Ball Doesn’t Go Very Far
  2. t’s Not Suitable for Large dogs
  3. You Might Notice Random Trigger Malfunctions
  4. No Replacement band available for purchase
  5. Only Suitable for Occasional Use ( Not Durable Enough )

The Ball Doesn’t Go Very Far

Although the launcher states to shoot the ball to 50 feet, that isn’t always the case. In my experience, It can only shoot around 30 feet at most. Which is not far enough for most dogs. Sometimes even less if you don’t pull it all the way back.

The ball included with the launcher doesn’t go much further. but if you use other balls they tend to go much further than the ones included with the launcher.

A user with the full-size version of the Hyper Pet Dog Ball Launcher K2 bluntly puts it this way:

“More like a ‘Pop Gun’ than a ‘Kannon’, does not shoot very far!”

Shooting The ball launcher with the highest power

It’s Not Suitable for Large dogs

If your dog is small in size then it won’t be an issue but if your dog is medium or big in size you’ll have trouble getting the ball far away. Sometimes big dogs will just jump and catch it in mid-air.

The manufacturers themself suggest that it is only suitable for small dogs. Because the launching distance is not very long the ball will bounce only a few feet away.

If your dog is small then the ball will have time to bounce and roll far further. Big dogs or dogs that run very fast will simply catch the ball after a few bounces if not in the first three bounces.

According to some users, they just can’t use it with their big dogs. Tracy a verified user of this product says:

“This would be great for a very small dog but not worth the effort it takes to load and shoot the ball.”

Hyper pet ball launcher is not suitable for large and medium dog breeds

You should check out their K9 variant if you have a big dog.

You Might Notice Random Trigger Malfunctions

Another common problem with the Hyper Pet Dog Ball Launcher is the random trigger malfunction. A lot of the time the trigger gets jammed or won’t lock in place.

It can be a very annoying issue especially when it just stops working after a few days of use.

If the launcher is new then there won’t be any issues in the first few tries but after some usage, you will notice some random malfunctions.

As I noticed while using this myself after the 3rd week there was a few times where the trigger didn’t want to stay in place.

The trigger malfunctioned & doesn’t work at all

No Replacement band available for purchase

One of the most frustrating things you’ll face if you manage to not break the triggers or have a small dog, there aren’t any replacement rubber bands for your to purchase for Hyper Pet dog ball launcher.

So, if the rubber band of your launcher becomes loose or gets torn, you’ll have to look for third-party or DIY solutions. It can be a challenging task to find the proper replacement. if somehow yours gets damaged good luck fixing it. At that point, I’ll recommend getting another one instead of going through the trouble.

Only Suitable for Occasional Use ( Not Durable Enough )

If you were planning to use it daily for a long stretch of time; I’m sorry to break it to you that it is not the best choice in the market.

The durability of this product has many mixed opinions. The one I used worked fine for 2 months until the trigger stopped working altogether.

That being said, I only used it once or twice a week for only a few minutes.

Some people find it to be not durable enough for daily use. The black band loses its strength after a few uses. The launcher breaks down easily if you drop it on a hard surface or leave it by mistake with your dog.

Susan who is an owner of a German Shorthaired Pointer said, “Our active GSP LOVED this thing! BUT… I expected it to last more than TWO WEEKS. Maybe if you plan to use it occasionally it would last. Did NOT stand up to daily use for us! Bummer

Should I get Hyper Pet Dog Ball Launcher for my Dog?

If your dog is small in size like a corgi, chihuahua, etc. and you only plan to use this occasionally then you should get the k2 variant of the Hyper Pet Dog ball launcher.

If you want something that has a longer range and is suitable for a big dog, then consider getting the K9 variant.

However, if you need a launcher that sends the ball very far then you shouldn’t buy this one. You’ll have much better luck with other ball launchers that have much power.


At the end of the day, every product will have some issues. The hyper pet ball launcher has many perks. Besides, you might see these few problems if only you get unlucky. they are a reputable brand and have been around for a long time. Definitely give them a try before you judge them too harshly.

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