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Why Do Corgis Have Short Legs?

Corgis are a breed of dogs with short legs, making them look cute and unique. This trait is due to a genetic characteristic called Achondroplasia that has been selectively bred into the breed over many generations. The gene that directly affects the short growth of legs in corgis is FGF4. Achondroplasia affects the development of cartilage and bone in the limbs, resulting in shorter legs.

The reason behind breeding corgis with short legs was to make them better at herding cattle. Their low center of gravity and small size allowed them to nip at the heels of cattle without getting kicked. Nowadays, corgis are famous for their cute and distinct appearance, which includes their short legs.

Despite their tiny legs, corgis are still active & energetic dogs that need plenty of exercise & mental stimulation to stay healthy & happy. They must get enough exercise and playtime to keep them active and healthy.

How Strong Are Corgi Legs?

A strong pair of healthy corgi legs close-up shot.

Corgis are a really popular kind of dog. People love them because they’re cute and lively. Even though they’re small, Corgis have strong legs that let them do lots of things. They’re really fast & can run around and play a lot.

But just like other kinds of dogs, Corgis can sometimes have problems with their legs. This can make them less strong & less able to move around. Several types of these problems include hip dysplasia and degenerative myelopathy. 

Therefore, it’s vital that your Corgi stays healthy and gets enough exercise. This will help keep their legs strong & working well.

Although Corgis might not have the strongest legs of all dogs, they can still keep up with an active and healthy life.

What Benefits Do They Have For Having Short Legs?

Corgis are a type of small dog that is really cute and fun to play with. They have short legs, which is one of the things that makes them stand out from other dog breeds. 

But have you ever wondered why they have short legs and what it’s good for? In this article, we will explore the benefits of corgis having short legs and why this feature is an advantage for the breed.

Improved stability and agility

The fact that corgis have small legs enhances their stability and agility, one of the main advantages. Corgis can better retain their balance and move rapidly because their shorter legs contribute to a lower center of gravity. This is crucial for a breed like corgis since they were developed for herding and must be able to go across unsteady terrain.

Better maneuverability

Short-legged corgis may also traverse more effectively in confined situations. In their initial function as herding dogs, where they had to be able to maneuver through tight spaces between herds of cattle or sheep, this was very helpful. It is also useful to move swiftly and smoothly in congested areas in common scenarios, such as negotiating crowded streets or halls.

Enhanced cuteness factor

Last but not least, short-legged corgis are certainly adorable! This morphological characteristic is one of the breed’s distinguishing characteristics and is frequently mentioned as one of the reasons corgis are so well-liked. They have a distinctive and appealing look that is easily recognized due to their tiny legs.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Short Legs In Corgis?

Short leg problems of corgi

Corgis are a cute breed of dog distinguished by their small legs and cute looks. Although they may appear adorable, having small legs might have a variety of disadvantages that could harm their general health and welfare.

Joint problems

Corgis have large bodies and small legs, so their joints are frequently stressed. This may result in joint issues such as intervertebral disc disease, arthritis, and hip dysplasia (IVDD). These ailments may result in pain, discomfort, and in rare cases, paralysis.


Due to their love of food and inactivity, corgis are prone to obesity. Their short legs also make it more difficult for them to burn off extra calories, which causes them to acquire weight and run a higher risk of developing obesity-related health problems.

Back problems

Due to their large bodies and small legs, corgis are also prone to back issues. This may result in spinal problems like IVDD, which can be painful and even paralyzing.

Limited mobility

Because of their tiny legs, corgis may be unable to jump or climb, limiting their capacity to play and explore.


while having short legs makes them beautiful and endearing, corgis have certain disadvantages. Corgi owners should be conscious of the possible health risks linked to their dogs’ short legs and take the steps necessary to keep their pets safe and happy. 

This might involve consistent physical activity, a balanced diet, and routine veterinarian exams to catch any possible health problems early on.

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